BBC News, 23.01.2006

Ethiopia expels foreign reporter

A British journalist working for the Associated Press news agency has arrived in Kenya after his expulsion from Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian government has accused Anthony Mitchell of being hostile.

AP say they hope Mr Mitchell will be allowed back to Ethiopia so that he can be with his family and return to work.

Dozens of journalists and political activists are in prison after months of political unrest and violence following last year’s disputed elections.

Last week the UK suspended direct aid to Ethiopia over concerns about its commitment to human rights.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi was once seen as a key British ally and was a member of the British prime minister’s Commission for Africa.

Last May’s polls were the most closely contested in Ethiopian history, and resulted in the opposition winning more than 100 seats in parliament.

But the opposition believed they had been cheated of victory, and took to the streets.

More than 88 people have since died in sporadic clashes with security forces during opposition protests or religious observances.

Independent journalists and editors were among more than 100 people arrested in November and December and charged with treason, genocide and other offences.